Friday, 26 March 2010

The Daily Zoo (Chris Ayers)

"This is an inspiring collection of illustrations from top concept artist Chris Ayers created during his first year of recovery from leukaemia. In the spring of 2005, Chris Ayers was busy working as a concept artist in the Hollywood film industry. That all came crashing to a halt when he was diagnosed with leukaemia. After a year-long period of treatment and recovery, he started a sketchbook called "The Daily Zoo" on the anniversary of his diagnosis. Over the next 365 days he would draw one animal character each day, challenging not only his self-discipline but also his imagination. Most importantly, it allowed him the opportunity to celebrate the gift of each healthy day. Chock-full of wonderful creatures, ranging from curious pandas to sinister hyenas, athletic aardvarks to zealous zebra's, as well as Ayers touching commentary about his experience with cancer, this volume will leave you inspired as well as amused."

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