Wednesday, 7 April 2010

1st Personal animation up here for C&C!

I'm setting up another blog for my own work, maybe somewhere we can all stick sideline projects, reels etc for c&c, encouragement and feedback? What d'you think?

I'll move this there once that's set up. For now here's something I've been tinkering with for a few evenings and would like to improve. It's a clip I've wanted to animate in a more cartoony way on a character for a while, so I started by setting up a rotoscoped step pass of the reference which is blocked out here:

The roto version looks very slow and lacks any snap when played back by itself and the poses look stiff and lack fluidity; I've since adjusted the timing and key positions but would like some feedback on how it looks, as well as whether any of the poses could be pushed further etc. The jump-through at the end is only very roughly blocked, so ignore that part for now. All C&C welcome, it's a few days from being complete!

Below is an update based on the C&C you guys gave me. I've tried to hold some poses, really push the c shapes in the left/right switches for contrast and vary the timing. It's now a lot different to the straight roto but could use another crit at this stage. You can still ignore the end, I've not done much with that!

New version:

And the side-by-side changes, last week to this week.

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