Thursday, 14 March 2013

Woah... a year out?

...Somewhat spookily I felt I should get back into posting to this blog, checking in today for the first time, 1 year exactly to the day since my last post! It seems this blog took a year long sabbatical! What with final work on Devil May Cry with Ninja Theory where I worked as an animator until recently and looking into new opportunities, I've neglected these pages.

From here on though, I intend to add update regularly as an ongoing scrapbook of all things inspirational. As of January this year I'm working in animation at Black Tusk Studios (Microsoft) in Vancouver.

The move has been exciting, exhausting and a little daunting, as moving to a new country almost certainly always is, but it's already proving an incredible experience. Devil May Cry shipped to great reviews almost universally, something our team at Ninja can be really proud of.

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